The Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) called for the establishment of a bicameral legislature in Parliament.

The OPA will soon be submitting their proposal to the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms.

What we essentially want is good governance (yahapalanaya), President Elect of the OPA, Ruwan Galleg e said, adding that the people had to be educated about good governance.
People talk about yahapalanaya but do not understand it, he mentioned.

Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Reforms of the OPA, Engineer D.L. Thaldena added that apart from good governance, transparency too was essential.

We recommend the creation of a bicameral legislature as it would provide for a better chance of moderating legislation/Acts passed in the Parliament, he noted.

The OPA also wishes to leave politicians out of the Constitutional Council established by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution and have more civil society members, he remarked.

“Right now in the Constitutional Council, there are seven MPs and three civil society members, which means that there are more politicians. This situation should be reversed. There should be fewer politicians. The politicians are anyway there in the Parliament,” he explained.