Inspired by Sri Lanka’s diverse food culture, Nuga Gama, Cinnamon Grand’s village in the city has introduced a host of new dishes to the daily dinner and weekend lunch and dinner buffets. Given Nuga Gama’s reputation for serving everything local, one would think that they are almost at the end of the line – but no; for Nuga Gama’s Chef Sujith Ariyarathna and his team of ammés, this quest to uncover all hidden culinary gems of Sri Lanka is an exhilarating task and they are not keen on leaving any stone unturned to recreate these long forgotten island flavours.

As such, the hotel’s authentic Sri Lankan restaurant-cum-village, Nuga Gama, fondly referred to as ‘the village in the city,’ has introduced more new varieties to the mix enhancing the already popular menu with innovative dishes.

Open daily for dinner and on weekends for lunch, Nuga Gama will now serve Koratu Elavalu Batha – a savoury rice made with gee oil, coconut milk and vegetables easily grown in home-gardens such as okra, long beans, ladies fingers, wild eggplants and winged beans, tempered Karatta Karawala Curry – a spicy dry fish curry made in the ancient days when people used to travel long distances on carts, Chicken Kotta Pol – spicy chicken curry made with strips of fried coconut and Chicken Liver Omlette.

New dessert varieties include Koppa Pittu – steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut milk with a generous filling of honey and coconut mix and Mee Wada (honey combs) – a diamond shaped dessert made with coconut, sago, rice flour, sugar and jaggery and coated with honey.

Nuga Gama’s Chef Sujith Ariyarathna said that these additions are part of a bigger plan to introduce new flavours, created out of local vegetables and fruits promoting clean dining and healthy living. “All dishes served at Nuga Gama have a nutritional value. We serve organic produce mostly from our own garden and if not from trusted sources. Our preparations are in keeping with the traditional methods which do not cut off the real nourishment value of food,” Chef Ariyarathna said.

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