Lasantha Wijesuriya

Kandy SC expects a tight game against CR&FC, an opposite team that the Rugby Chairman of the Nittawela Club, Lasantha Wijesuriya, terms as a vastly improved outfit.

“CR&FC has achieved something under the coaching of Imthi Marikar. But Kandy SC is well ready for the final having beaten them (CR) twice this season,” said Wijesuriya.

According to Wijesuriya, regular fly half Fazil Marija has recovered fully and is expected to come in as the game progresses.

Wijesuriya took this opportunity to praise the contributions made by acting skipper and scrum half Roshan Weeraratne who he said did a ‘marvellous job’. “Roshan is undoubtedly the most outstanding player for 2016 and Kandy SC has already decided to name him as the ‘Best Player’ this season at its own ‘Colours Night’ scheduled to be held on April 1st in Kandy,” Wijesuriya said.

The Kandy SC Rugby Chairman said that he was impressed with the young blood that was tried out this season. “We came to a juncture last season when some of the senior players were going out so we tried these young players. We expected these young players to stay with the club for a long time” he said.

Wijesuriya said that Kandy SC serves as a rugby school and added, “Anyone who joins us at a young age plays a minimum of 10 years for the club and also for the national team. All this is possible thanks to the professional system that’s in place at Kandy SC,” he said.