Technicians from a German manufacturer of transformer components who arrived in Sri Lanka have not ruled out the possibility that ‘tap changers’ in transformers at the Biyagama and Kotugoda had been physically tampered with as such cannot explode in the way it had exploded considering the auto-operation of the ‘tap changers’, authoritative sources disclosed to Nation.

They said all transformers countrywide were monitored and operated from the main plant at Kent Road, Dematagoda and there was no need for any technician at the site of transformers to fiddle with ‘tap changers’.

It was reported that when the transformer at the Biyagama Substation exploded all staff in that unit had gone to tea together leaving the unit abandoned.

A Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) officer at the site said, had the transformer exploded while the staff was there, all would have been killed. “We are also investigating the incident in addition to the probe by German technicians”, he added.

A few days later two transformers at Nawala and Kotugoda exploded and caught fire.
Meanwhile, experts from Japan too are checking all transformers of Japanese make installed at power stations.

A top CEB Spokesman said all aspects regarding the incidents were being probed and sabotage had not been ruled out.

Following the blast at the Biyagama Substation, President Maithripala Sirisena directed the military to provide security to all power installations in the country.