Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided against reuniting with their Full House co-stars, but what about younger sister Elizabeth Olsen? The gorgeous celeb addressed rumors that she could play Michelle Tanner in the popular Netflix reboot (because who better to take on the job, right?).

When asked about producers throwing her name out there to possibly play the fan-favorite character in the reboot, Olsen said she certainly didn’t get an offer. “If I did, I’m pretty sure no one on my team heard it,” she tells us. “I don’t know where that started.”

Once she realized it was Fuller House boss Jeff Franklin who started the wild rumor, Olsen said she “can’t say a bad word” about him because he’s “known me since I was an infant.” The 27-year-old did tell us that she caught the first episode of Fuller House and says, “It was great.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse, er, John Stamos has been adamant about trying to get the two famous twins on the Netflix series. Stamos reprises his role as the hunky family member on the new show and serves as an executive producer. The Olsens, who played his niece Michelle, are the only Full House stars who did not to return.
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