The talk of the town is about two rivals, who supported two different parties at the Sri Lanka Cricket AGM, getting together as usual. These two parties are now forced to conduct the Annual General Meeting of the Kandy District Cricket Association (KDCA). The last AGM was held in February 2013.   Critics opine that after the AGM these two factions must promote domestic cricket for the benefit of clubs. According to the  KDCA Secretary the  former Sports Minister Navin Dissanayake had brought in a ruling which stopped the need to have AGMs every year.  Normally the District AGMs are held before the AGMs of sports controlling bodies.

At present there are no domestic tournaments for clubs in Kandy. The game is not promoted in a proper manner. It seems that KDCA wakes up only when there is an international cricket match at Pallekelle Stadium.  They should start conducting domestic tournaments again. Holding office is of no use if officials can’t do a good job.  The excuse given by these officials are that there are no sponsors and grounds.  But how did those who held office earlier do it?