‘Blue House’ turns ‘Green House’
A Blue Party politico from the coastal belt in the  Gampaha district who came in for severe criticism by an actor in the Green Party prior to the last general elections always colour washed his spacious residence in Negombo suburbs in blue. There were also rumours he would cross over to the Green Party in the recent past. He has now colour washed his residence in light green and the gates with dark green. A little bird in the Blue Party from the same area whispered that the man was now getting ready to decide his political future well ahead of the next general election.

At tea during the blast
Eyebrows are raised at the manner how the entire staff in charge of the Biyagama electricity substation transformer last Sunday had gone to tea together just minutes before explosion occurred. Sources at the plant said it was unusual as earlier they used to go in turns. Despite the explosion and damaged caused all at the plant are happy that these employees had the fortune of saving their lives by going to tea together. But the sleuths from Cee Eye Dee are reported to be probing the decision taken for all to take tea at the same time.

Keeping mobiles off
Many Blue Party parliamentarians now with the current Big Boss having turned their backs to the former kept their mobiles off from last Thursday evening to avoid being invited to the joint opposition rally at Hyde Park where the former Big Boss was scheduled to attend. Those who lived in the Colombo city had moved to outstations. Having failed to reach them over mobile phones, confidantes of the former Big Boss sent messengers to those houses only to find the gates locked from outside. These mobiles phones were put on only last Friday morning.