Negombo is a bustling and busy town that surprised me a lot when I moved to reside there early this month. Lots of traffic and people movement was noticed which indicated that it is developing very fast and not the old town it used to be.

The roads are well planned out and carpeted to help the speedy and easy movement of vehicles within the district.

However, the only shortcoming is that the drains are not cleaned for months and the accumulated dirt and stagnant water has made the town stink. When one walks over or near a drain the stench is unbearable and this is a health hazard to the vast population living in the district.

It has been noticed that the drains in almost all over Negombo has not been cleaned and the bad odour even reaches the people living in houses from these drains.

It is now up to the Mayor of Negombo to take a walk around town and instruct the council members to get the drains cleaned with immediate effect.
T.B. Rahaman