(From left) Asian Alliance Insurance Asst. Manager Marketing & Communications – Roshan Sooriyarachchi, Asian International School Rowing Coach – Reshane Fernando, Asian Alliance Insurance Head of Marketing – Nuwan Widyapathige, Asian International School Principal/Director – Dr. Goolbai Gunasekara and Asian International School Rowing Captain – Kiaan Ahamed

Asian Alliance Insurance is pleased to announce sponsorship of the Asian International School (AIS) Rowing Crew for seasons of 2016 and 2017, with the objective of promoting this blue ribbon sport, in which AIS regularly competes and fares prominently amongst the best schools in the country at national level.

Asian Alliance Insurance values the spirit of unrelenting hard work, extreme determination and a passion for excellence and is therefore delighted to support the AIS rowing crew that now comprises around twenty four young oarsmen and oarswomen who have made great strides and performed extremely well at both national and international regattas.

Asian International School Rowing Crew’s achievements in the past year include 2015 National Indoor Regatta – 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal, 1 Bronze medal, 2015 Senior Nationals – 2 Silver medals, 1 Bronze medal, 2015 Triumvirate Championships – 5 Gold medals and 2015 Junior Schools Nationals – 1 Gold medal, 3 Silver medals,2 Bronze medals.