Academics have called upon the Government to send graduates and educated youth on fact-finding missions and researches instead of politicians.

“The Government should instead of sending MPs on fact-finding missions send researchers, graduate students who follow higher degrees such as Masters and Doctorate degrees and undergraduates, to major cities in the world to observe, research, learn and come back with solutions to be implemented for domestic crises such as the garbage problem,” Emeritus Professor at the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepure, Prof. Jinadasa Katupotha said.

Prof. Katupotha alleged that MPs or Ministers who were sent on fact-finding missions around the world (London in England, New York in the USA, major European cities, cities and towns in China, Japan and Korea) to find solutions to the garbage problems had not produced any documents of their research finding before the public so far.

Several scholarships should be given for graduates in the fields of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, biodiversity, agriculture and other sciences as well as management and social sciences (geography, economics and sociology) related academic subjects, to study for Master of Philosophy degrees and Doctor of Philosophy degrees overseas (with split programmes) and come back to advise on solutions regarding current issues, he added, explaining that in order to solve this problem, the scientists related to the above disciplines needed to work as a team

“The State and the Government should release funds to researchers,” he observed.
It should be noted that President Maithripala Sirisena recently stated that there was ample funding available for research, highlighting also that the problem was that no research into such areas were being conducted.