The highest award at Trinity College presented to the best al-round student, the Ryde Gold Medal, was awarded to Boxing ‘Lion’ and Rugby Coloursman Rayan Weerakoon at the school prize giving by chief guest Minister Faizal  Mushtafa.  The recipient of this award is chosen following a secret ballot conducted among the senior boys (Grade 11-14) the staff (Including the principal).

This system can end in a deadlock.  There were four occasions in the past where the Medal was not awarded as a result of the three votes going to three different people. The Medal cannot be won more than once. The Ryde Gold Medal was first presented in 1908 to John Andrew, but he was not the first boy in the history of the school to be adjudged the best all-rounder. Historical records show that such a prize has been awarded as early as 1894. The Ryde Gold Medal is named after Rev. R. W. Ryde, a former Principal of Trinity (1900-1902).