Addressing the issue of constitutional reforms, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) called for focus on the judicial review of legislation, and on aspects concerning finance and fiscal policy.

President of the BASL, President’s Counsel Geoffrey Alagaratnam said that the private bar had formulated proposals with regards to constitutional reforms, and was presently in the process of finalizing (assistance has also been obtained from provincial lawyers) and fine tuning them prior to handing them over to the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms and also to the Parliamentary Committee on the matter of the new or amended Constitution.

We want to primarily concentrate on urgent, critical matters where near unanimity can be achieved with regards to constitutional reforms, he added.

The unofficial bar will address matters pertaining to the judiciary, and will specifically address the reforms towards the public service and good governance, he remarked.

“We are also emphasizing on the independent commissions, public security, how the fiscal policy is set down and what are the aspects being complied with in regard to public finance, the supremacy of the Constitution and also the fundamental rights,” Alagaratnam noted.