Elections monitoring body, People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) informed that 16 out of the 225 MPs had signed a pledge to engage in clean politics, free of bribery and corruption.

Executive Director of PAFFREL, Rohana Hettiarachchi said that President Maithripala Sirisena had declared open the official website of the March 12th Movement – ‘I am for clean politics’.

The pledge covers aspects concerning the conduct of politicians, their social relationships, transactions and incomes and expenses, and the environment.

Sri Lankan citizens active in politics must recognize the dire need to nurture a new generation of clean politicians with integrity and they must commit themselves to this task wholeheartedly and unreservedly, the Executive Director of  explained, adding that they must embrace and uphold the values of a clean politician.

“The politicians have pledged to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of all human life and to protect life and uphold the integrity, dignity, and esteem of their own selves and of others. They have pledged to contribute to the unity and harmony of their social relationships by respecting those expressing different or opposing views and by promoting ethnic, religious, gender and social equality in all their verbal, written and electronic communications. The Parliamentarians have pledged to uphold their personal integrity by eschewing all forms of bribery and corruption. The MPs have pledged to act with integrity by declaring their assets and liabilities and by being transparent and accountable in their private and public financial dealings including political campaign expenditure and contributions. Last but not least, the politicos pledged to protect the soil, water, air and the environment in general and to abstain from polluting the environment in their election campaign or in any other political, economic or personal activity. There were some who had expressed willingness to sign but could not turn up on March 12,” he noted.