Aries (Mesha)
You are prone to disease that could cause you physical weakness even anemia. With Ayasthana occupied by Venus and Mercury aspected by Jupiter you will not go short of wealth and other resources required for a comfortable living and meeting all obligations and commitments.  Meanwhile, you will continue to benefit from business partnerships, unexpected inheritances from the dead and wealth from the spouse. You may have to undergo surgical treatment if your natal Mars is weak.

Cancer (Kataka)
You are prone to phlegmatic disease and even a simple cold could aggravate into a more serious disease.  Ongoing period is not favourable for father either. You will experience a tendency for strong emotions and passions. So you are warned against acting on impulse. Your main Yogakaraka Mars Swakshetra in the 5th Moolatrikona while the lord of the 9th Moolatrikona Jupiter is powerfully posited in the 2nd House fortifies you with moral strength and a positive outlook.

Libra (Thula)
You are likely to experience lack of self-confidence and singleness of purpose with the Sun moving into Pisces sign. You are advised to put on hold taking vital decisions and embarking on new projects until mid-April. Success and recognition are indicated for natives engaged in sports and literary activity.Rahu in Leo which falls in your 11th House where he is most powerful, will counter all malefic influences against you. Subjects engaged in agricultural pursuits and mining are likely to come into unexpected gains.

Capricorn (Makara)
Time is not opportune for a social life. It is advisable for you to lead a quiet life away from hustle-bustle for some time if you are to avoid misunderstandings, strained relations and disputes with others.  An increase in income from agricultural and mining pursuits are strongly indicated.  Acquisition of wealth through the spouse and happiness in the family are also on the cards. Jupiter in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House continues to confer longevity and protection from threats to life.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
You are going through a very favourable period with two of the four quadrants deriving much strength from the occupancy of Venus and Mercury in the 10th, Jupiter in the 4th and Swakshetra Mars in the 7th House.  Meanwhile, the Mars – Saturn conjunction in the 10th imbues you with resilience and moral strength.Your 10th House occupied by Lagnadhipati Venus in conjunction with Mercury and aspected direct by Jupiter holds out career success, a good reputation and foreign travel.

Leo (Simha)
You may embark on any project or plan assured of success with a powerful Mars in your 4th quadrant. A source of income from a foreign source is likely to open up. Good health, self-confidence and positive outlook on life as well as living comforts are assured thanks to Jupiter in the Lagna and Swakshetra Mars in the 4th quadrant. Meanwhile, Lagna has become very strong due to Lagnadhipati Sun’s direct
aspect over it.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
You are advised to avoid taking on hand projects that call for a strong will and taking firm decisions until mid-April. The sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm which you experienced recently maygradually wear off.  You are prone to accidents that can cause head injuries. Therefore, you have to be conscious of the need for safety and self-protection.  High political or executive office is within your reach if you are in right circumstances.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
You can look forward to career success and fame thanks to Swakshetra Mars in the 10th commanding Digbala and conjunct with your Lagnadhipati Saturn. You are assured of good health, drive and dynamism thanks to the influence of the Sun in the Lagna receiving the beneficial aspect of Jupiter. An altruistic bent that pushes you towards helping the needy, the sick and the destitute will continue to influence you. All in all you are going through a favourable time.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Lagnadhipati Mercury with Venus in the Aquarius sign in your 9th House brings you high status, wealth, general prosperity, happiness and gainful travels, possibly pilgrimages. This position also contributes to the wellbeing of your father as well. You are likely to experience a strong urge to provide relief and help to those in need. Swakshetra Mars – Saturn combination in your 6th House can enhance your power, influence and authority.

Virgo (Kanya)
Success in contests, competitions and litigation strongly indicated. Even enemies and rivals may become your friends and a source of strength to you. Rahu with Jupiter in the 12th signifies possible foreign travel.  You also may develop an inclination to spend liberally on worthy causes like helping the needy and the less fortunate. You will continue to enjoy increased power and influence and command a whip hand over your enemies and rivals.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Family problems may aggravate due to your failure to take decisive and prompt action.  Time is not opportune for entering into deals in regard to lands and other property.  Swakshetra Mars in your 12th House is capable of producing the benefits of Vimala Yoga like integrity and an altruistic bent is a redeeming feature, but you still run the risk of getting involved in clashes and untoward incidents that can cause you grief. Jupiter posited in the 9th House and his special aspect over your Lagna assure you of stability of your status and protection from evil forces.

Pisces (Meena)
Time you are now going through is ideal for you to adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy rather than go into action headlong. You have to brace yourself for a series of changes in life which could be either for the better or the worse depending on how you are going to face them.   You tend to become more disciplined and develop a philosophical outlook on life.Rahu in your 6th Upachaya House continues to make you resourceful enough to overcome immediate obstacles in your way and get the better of your rivals.