Happy Ending
A former minister hailing from the hills now in having joined the opposition of smaller parties, was a heartbroken man. He had lost the telephone number of a fair maiden who visited his previous ministry frequently.

Luck struck him recently when providence brought him an old diary from which he located the number and arranged a rendezvous at a five star hotel. The minister came first and sent his jeep to fetch the lady, and a good time was had by all. Again he left first, but the excitement of old flames made him forget to give his normal gift, which he realized when he was midway on his trip back. Anyhow, he made amends by phoning her to stay in the lobby and sent her the gift through a security officer.  And they lived happily ever after.

‘Lifetime’ jail term for VVIP son?
Though rumours spread that a VVIP son would be put in jail for certain charges, a bird  flying from  Diyawanna Oya area whispered to another that this VVIP son has already decided to submit himself to a life time sentence before anybody tries to put him there. He is expected to wed a pretty young woman doctor in the near future. Despite confusion worst confounded due to politics after ‘defeat’, his parents are reported to be busy in trying to wed their eldest son at the earliest. As there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, the parental duo is planning to invite a ‘My-three’ to attest the wedding.

A ‘Performance Enhancing Drugs’-Minister
Last week when a tall ministerial angel close to octogenarian age  entered the chamber, a young minister from Colombo quipped to another seated on his right,’ Machan, he looks fit after taking Viagra and we must also try that home’. The other cracked, ‘You see those work better outside and that’s why he keeps fit’. Another seated behind contributing to the talk added, ‘We’ll ask the President to give him the portfolio of ‘Performance Enhancing Drugs Minister’.