The Commission of Elections has teamed up with the Education Ministry to include lessons on civic rights to schoolchildren.

Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya said the initiative has been made through the ‘All Inclusive; Vote is your right’ programme to educate the public on their rights on selection of the law makers to the legislature.

He also said that at present, school curriculum has some basic lessons about the Constitution of the country and most have no idea that every citizen has to register in the electoral registry annually to be eligible to vote at an election.

“The Ministry of Eductaion has responded positively to our proposal and we are working on how to prepare lessons for the children,” Deshapriya said.

“Civic Rights and related topics are basic things which should be known by each and every citizen. We thought that the school is the most suitable place to commence this programme,” the Commissioner added.

He also said that the ‘All Inclusive’ programme would prove to be an eye opener for public about their rights. “The Commission has also planned to prepare a data base of public sector officers who are engaging in election duties. In the past, we have taken almost 60 days to make this list. Having a data base would ease our job, he added.

The Commission is also in the process of strengthening its legal division after which it would commence a 12 month programme to draft new election laws to be presented to parliament for consideration.