Mahesh Vitharana Pathirana of SLHGA

The fast paced life people lead and the stressful moods they get into slow them down mentally and physically. The word ‘slow’ might not appeal to the modern world. But when the battered body and mind go on strike and sickness invades your system, Qigong might offer you help to move on to a path where life’s energies are preserved and health is restored.

There is good news for Sri Lankans who are interested in slowing down life to a pace so that your efforts, in doing most vital things, can be sustained. The Sri Lanka Health Qigong Association (SLHGA) has organized its 1st International Training Program of Chinese Health Qigong which will be held at Opulent River Face Hotel in Rajagiriya from March 19 to 21. SLHGA also plans to conduct its ‘Inaugural Conference of Sri Lanka’ concurrently with the training program.

Qigong is a Chinese form of slow movement exercises which are aimed at restoring depleted energies of the body and correcting mental and physical imbalances caused by wrong ways of living. Qigong was founded by Chinese Taoist sages 5,000 years ago and is used by masters to promote wellbeing. SLHGA Head of Technical Committee Mahesh Vitharana Pathirana said that the efforts of this association are aimed at helping its practitioners have a fit mind and body.  Qigong aims to build a healthy nation. “If Qigong is practiced regularly, it will help build an efficient work force,” said Pathirana.

One of the key features of the workshop is that it will attract participants from overseas. “One of the main objects of the training program is to give international exposure to Sri Lankans interested in the art,” Pathirana said.

Qigong is illustrated in books and several self-proclaimed gurus teach the art all over the world. However, Pathirana cautioned that when learning Qigong, the spiritual, religious and health applications have to be taken into consideration. Pathirana recommends those interested in this healing art to obtain a sound knowledge of basics.

Qigong is mostly practiced in the morning. Vital organs like the lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart and also the eyes are exercised with this slow-moving exercise form which regulates the life energy that circulates along meridians in the body. When properly done, the movements dissolve blocked energy that causes mental, emotional and physical problems.

One of the most recent achievements of SLHQA is its members winning three gold medals and a silver medal at the 2nd International Health Qigong Competition held in September last year, in Bozhou, China.

The SLHQA is also involved in CSR projects like educating the public of the benefits of Qigong in places like teacher training schools, universities and schools where there are children with special needs. The need to learn the benefits of a therapeutic art as Qigong is growing fast. An institute like SLHGA is up to the task.

SLHGA representatives in Bozhou, China
SLHGA representatives in Bozhou, China