The Centre for Human Rights and Research (CHR) called on the Government to provide a political solution to the legal blockade imposed by the Attorney General’s Department on granting Leader of the Frontline Socialist Party, Kumar Gunaratnam an opportunity for dual citizenship.

Gunaratnam has presently been remanded at the Kegalle remand Prison for over 100 days for the violation of immigration and emigration laws.

Executive Director of the CHR, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon observed that the matter was not an immigration and emigration law related issue, but a political problem, an issue which could be solved through the intervention of the political leadership.

Aside to the group detained under the provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, the political prisoner who is at present in the most vulnerable situation is Gunaratnam, he mentioned, adding that the country stood to gain nothing by continuing to keep him in remand custody.