Concern for life including the welfare of animals should be made a directive principle of the State, former Additional Solicitor General, L.M.T. Kumaran Arulanandam said.

Arulanandam’s comments come in the wake of an incident where images of an eagle being skinned alive by a few individuals had gone viral in social media platforms during the past week.

Member of the Let Them Live and the Freedom Sri Lanka Foundation, undergraduate Shashikalana Ratwatte added that a Police investigation and a Department of Wildlife Conservation inquiry were currently being conducted into a recent incident involving a group of men skinning an eagle.

“This has happened in Galle. We have lodged a complaint with the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Police. We have provided information regarding the location where this took place to the legal team of the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Police,” he said.

“We hope that legal action will be taken as per the provisions of the Penal Code, the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance and the Forest Conservation Ordinance,” he

Arulanandam noted that presently animal welfare had become a fad. “There must legislation against cruelty to animals. The State and the Government should recognize this as a matter of policy for cohesive implementation,” he observed.

The Police meanwhile informed that two suspects, a 46-year-old and a 42-year-old, residents of Wanchawala, Habaraduwa, had been arrested under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance in Kaduruduwa over the cruel, inhumane killing of a protected and endangered species of eagle (suspected to be a sea eagle) in the Dabaragala Bridge area in the jurisdiction of the Habaraduwa Police and produced before the Galle Magistrate’s Court.