Brown & Co., PLC was recently entrusted with the conversion of the existing Waldemar orthodox Tea Factory situated in the Udapussellawa district to manufacture Oolong Tea.

The factory nestled between the extreme cold temperatures in the highlands of Nuwara Eliya and the upcountry/mid country climates of Uda Pussellawa districts has an agro-friendly climate which offers the ideal conditions for the manufacture of Oolong Tea.

Waldemar had hereto been manufacturing Black Tea and as a value addition initiative, Finlays Tea Estates decided to convert it into a dual purpose factory that manufactures both Green Tea and Oolong Tea. This gives the plantation, the advantage of manufacturing either type of tea according to market demands.

“The manufacture of Oolong Tea though new to Sri Lanka, has a high demand in the world market. This type of tea, predominantly manufactured in Taiwan and China fetches a very high price compared to orthodox teas.With the current dip in the market on the prices of tea, Finlays, hopes to complement the sagging tea market with these value added products in a bid to enhance profitability,” the firm said in a statement.