Handing over the sponsorship

Elephant House and Keells Foods has signed up once more as the official food and beverage sponsor for the most famous of all of Sri Lanka’s ‘big matches’, the Royal- Thomian “Battle of the Blues” cricketing encounter, which will be held this month for the 137th year.

Continuing their long-standing “Official Food and Beverage Sponsor” relationship, Elephant House and Keells Foods will offer a hungry and thirsty audience a full spread of refreshments at the tournament venue, the historic Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC), where this age-old rivalry between two of Colombo’s top boys schools takes place. This also includes a wide range of Elephant House’s fan-favourite Soft Drinks and Ice Creams, as well as a plentiful assortment and choice of delicious processed meats from Keells Foods available, thus ensuring that this ‘big match’ can be truly be appreciated by fun-loving kids of all ages, including those old boys intent on recapturing their youth.

Commenting on this longtime partnership, Ceylon Cold Stores PLC Head of Beverages/John Keells Holdings Vice President Daminda Gamlath said, “The relationship that Elephant House and Keells Foods shares with the Royal-Thomian  goes beyond just a mere sponsorship. We have been instrumental in setting a tone of big fun and maximum enjoyment year after year, for over two decades. All of which is in an effort to truly keep the spirit of ‘big match fever’ alive.”