For those who are tired of traditional gardens and gardening ideas, all that can be said is you are on the right track, so keep on reading. While layered gardens with impeccable borders look formal and refined, they tend to be monotonous and boring. Instead be spontaneous and resourceful. Take the most unlikely object possible and convert it into a miniature garden, and make people who see your garden go wow. You might end up saving some of your cash in the process. Here a guide to your charming garden.

Do you throw away your old shoes? Well, you need not do it anymore. Now you can convert your favourite shoe to a mini garden and keep it. Drill a few holes at the bottom of the shoe. This would ensure proper drainage. Then fill with soil and fertilizer and plant. Shoes are a good container for plants with small root systems, such as succulents and herbs. Popular succulents include aloe vera and cactus. Suitable herbs include mint, rosemary
and basil.

Tree stump
Chisel out the middle of a large tree stump and fill it with soil. Then plant flowering hydrangea bushes in this tree stump pot. This could be done with a vertical log that is lying around as well. In this case, carve off a vertical section and randomly plant an assortment of plants of your choice.

This is probably the tiniest planter in existence. Take an old cork and carve out a hole in the middle using a pen knife. This should be deep enough for the roots to travel freely. Fill the hole with soil and plant small varieties of cactus in this. If you prefer, you could attach a magnet and attach this to your fridge.

Water fountain
Fill up an old water fountain with soil and create a fantasy land with pebbles,
moss and small potted plants. Use flowering tumblers to create a waterfall of flowers. Plant various species of different colours.

If the house was just renovated, use the castoffs to renovate the garden. Place the old sink in the garden, fill it up with soil and fertilizer, and plant petunias of different colours and shades you could get your hands on.

Place an old chest of drawers on the portico and drill few holes at the bottom of each drawer. Fill with soil, and pull out drawers to different levels to give a waterfall effect. Plant violets on the top drawer, and tumblers on the bottom drawers.  Try out a combination of asters and cape leadwort in a random combination of purple and white.

Grab an old book that has been overrun by silver fish and you could no longer read.

Make a deep square cavity by cutting off a large number of pages in the middle. Place a lunch sheet on top of the pages and cover the cavity and fill with soil. Now plant small cactus or
cathedral bells.

Park that old bicycle in your shed right in front of the garden, and keep pots in the front basket and on the seat. Fill them with a mixture of potted plants, and plants that tends to hang. This would add colour and charm to your garden.

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