In a breakthrough for Sri Lanka’s incoming industry FDIs, Thailand, for the first time, has sent a team of its specialized officials to study Sri Lanka’s rapidly changing industry and investment outlook and the first official Thai study team comes from the powerful Thai BoI Office itself.

“More Thai businesses have inquired about Sri Lanka from us. As a result, we, decided that we need to study Lankan potentials sector-wise” revealed Executive Director of Thai Office of BoI, Werapong Siriwon.

Thai BoI’s Siriwon was addressing Industry and Commerce Secretary TMKB Thennakoon last week at the Ministry. The seven-member Thai BoI official delegation is in Sri Lanka to study the country’s SME industries and investment climate. Joining the session were MIC Additional Secretaries Hasitha Seneviratne and MA Allam.

“We are primarily here to obtain Sri Lanka’s legal and regulation background for investments. We have started research on Sri Lanka three years ago in macro and micro scales and now we want to update our findings and also assess targeted sectors for Thai investment partnership. We believe Sri Lanka has new opportunities for Thai investors. We want to know Sri Lanka’s legal and regulation background for BoI investments and non-BoI that comes under Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Thai BoI promotes not only inward investments but outward investments too-specially to Asia and now, to Sri Lanka. More Thai investors have inquired about Sri Lanka from us lately! As a result we decided that we need to study Lankan potentials sector-wise. After much study, we identified Sri Lanka’s rubber & rubber products, fishery and sea-foods as having high opportunities for Thai investors back home.”

Presently Thai investments in Sri Lanka are in tourism–the leading investments being Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas, and the Thai managed OZO Colombo. Thailand is a favourite travel destination for Lankans.