Ministerial poojas…
A young ‘green’ legislator from the South completely left out from all ministerial type slots is reported to be conducting regular ‘poojas’ at a well-known Temple in Matara seeking justice from the Gods to change the mind of his leader who is hostile towards him to get even junior ministerial portfolio, a bird standing on the Matara Bridge whispered to another.

This pint sized politico claims he has done much service to the southerners than others who held and hold top ministerial positions.

Some in the green camp say that this young man has now turned to the help of the Gods because all his attempts to convince his leader to forget the past had failed.

Some say his close relationship to a President’s Counsel who is known to be close to a defeated leader also hinders his political journey in the green camp.

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 ‘Clean devi’ cries
A ‘Clean Devi’ from the gem city started weeping last Wednesday night when she heard that the ‘Kumaraya’ (Prince) from the Kalutara district had told the Blue Party Central body that no new party would be formed.

This ‘Clean Devi’ who once fought a biblical John in that gem city from her party switched gears to join her former party boss even after the latter was defeated.

Shedding tears she had phoned a Johnny in her former boss’s group in Wayamba, ‘See Johnny, we are nowhere now. Even our former boss has no time for us. I don’t know why’. Johnny in a similar tone had lamented in Sinhala, ’Mama danne  naha apita mehema wenne ai ‘.

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Playing the ‘JR way’ with media
Following the recent clash between a journo and ministerial angel Milk-Ella over a letter the latter sent regarding a campus lecturer, the PEE EM who follows the advice given by the Gangaramaya Chief to play with patience had repeated the same advice to his ministerial angels whenever journos annoy them.

The boss had said, ‘See, many annoyed JRJ but he had patience. So we must play the ‘JR way’ with these journos who attempt to play on us’.