The Lawyers for Good Governance raised the issue of breathalyzers, disposable screening devices used by the Department of Police for carrying out breath tests on drivers and riders of motor vehicles, not being in compliance with the specific technical quality measurements prescribed by the Department of Police.

Regarding technical specifications, standards and compliance pertaining to the breathalyzers which determine the concentration of alcohol in blood, under sub component number 10 which concerns the manufacture and expiry date, under purchaser’s requirements, as certified by Assistant Superintendent of Police attached to Traffic Administration and Road Safety at the Traffic Police Headquarters, W.D.A. Dhananjaya, on 2011 July 15, it is stated that the ‘date, month and year of manufacture and expiry should be printed in each test tube’.

In a letter written to Government Analyst, SakunthalaThennakoon and also copied to the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order, Conveners of the Lawyers for Good Governance, SenakaPerera and Thushara N. Daskon highlighted that the date of expiration which was essential on this measurement, was  not  found anywhere on the tubes.

“On the other hand, if the Police want, they can put in liquor from outside into one side of the tube and cover it with a cap. Tenders for the tubes are called by the Government Analyst in liaison with the Police. Necessary steps must be taken for the quality aspects to be corrected along with the technical flaws,” the duo explained.