The Joint Opposition will form a national movement to embark on a mass campaign to agitate for the Local Government elections to be held if the Local Government authorities are not dissolved by March 31.

MP Dinesh Gunawardena said the Joint Opposition would reveal how they would be contesting only once the elections are announced by the Commissioner of Elections, which should be done on or after April 01.

We are presently engaged in trying to have the Local Government elections held and thereby win the democratic right of the people, he added.

The Elections Commission should not be a remote control of the Government.Instead they should be above the Government’s control as the responsibility of declaring the Local Government authorities including councils dissolved and declaring the elections is with the Election Commission led by the Commissioner of Elections, he noted.

“The Joint Opposition with 51 MPs is the only alternative to the United National Party (UNP). We take the side of the people. The Government is trying to deny the right of the people. Under the present laws governing Local Government elections, 10,000 individuals stand to get elected. At present there are 6,000 members who have been elected,” he said.