With its characteristic, orange peel or cottage cheese surface, cellulite is a source of distress for approximately 85 per cent of the women. Women of all ages experience this phenomenon on their thighs, legs, buttocks and stomach. In simple terms, this is the fat stored just beneath the skins surface. It is believed to be the consequence of genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle choices and toxins.

You can put plastic surgery out of your mind right now; fortunately there are few herbal remedies that effectively get rid of cellulite. One thing you have to keep in mind is that these things take time, so be a little patient. After all, cottage cheese may very well be appealing when it’s on the dinner table, but the look hardly goes for your skin!

Coffee scrub
This antioxidant rich substance is excellent for exfoliating and will actively remove cellulite from the body. It also helps tighten loose skin. Mix together one quarter cup of grounded coffee, three table spoons of sugar and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Make sure you get a paste with a thick consistency. Apply this on skin and scrub for 10 minutes, applying firm pressure. Then wash off and repeat three times a week for firm, smooth skin.


This would remove the toxins from your body and make you feel relaxed and beautiful, in addition to removing cellulite. To do this, fill a tub with warm water and add two cups of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of dried ginger and mix this well. If there is chlorine in the water, leave the water in the tub for an hour or so, before adding hydrogen peroxide and ginger. Soak in this for 30 minutes and relax. This is also an excellent remedy for allergies and skin irritation. If you are pregnant or suffer from a physical malady, consult a doctor before trying this out.


Drink more water
Hydrating the skin regularly makes it smooth and helps get rid of cellulite.
Drink plenty of water and eat food with high water content such as melons and cucumbers. This would detoxify your skin and make it smooth and glowing.


This is the most effective remedy for cellulite so far. Brushing could be either dry or with oil. Brushing stimulates the blood and lymph flow in the body which in turn helps get rid of cellulite. In addition to healthy skin, the stimulation of lymphatic system would release toxins and aid digestion and kidney function.

It is important to select a brush with natural bristles, which are semi-firm, but not hard enough to irritate the skin. A long handle comes handy at times, especially when dealing with hard to reach spots.

You should brush in long sweeps, towards the heart. Avoid brushing in circular motion and back and forth. Start from your arms or legs and then move towards the heart in gentle motions. Brush your stomach and buttocks counter clockwise. Be gentle and ensure the skin is stimulated by the brush strokes.

If you prefer dry brushing, the best time to carry this out is before taking a shower. Ensure that your skin is dry and do not wet the brush. Carry out dry skin brushing for about five minutes and then wash away the impurities. Carry this out daily until you notice an improvement.

Alternatively, you could use extra virgin coconut oil on the affected area and brush using a dry brush. This would irritate the skin less and would not dehydrate skin.