One of the best magical thrillers, Now You See Me introduces four talented illusionists who mesmerize the audience with their amazing magic tricks. “The more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you. You are looking, but what you are really doing is interpreting, searching for meaning. My job is to take that most precious of gifts you give me; your attention, and use it against you,” says Daniel in the movie. Such was the experience of the multitude who attended Knight of Illusions Returns, the magic show that made history with three world champions performing under one roof.

Knight of Illusions Returned to the Musaeus College auditorium on February 20, with the two time world champion Shawn Farquhar, mentalism (mind reading) world champions Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass, Guinness world record participant Yasas Gunaratne and the talented Sri Lankan magician Trevin Hannibal. Yep, Hannibal is his real name. The event was held in aid of the new cancer hospital project, in Kandy. The event was crowded with enthusiasts of all ages. Some of them had the once in a lifetime opportunity of being picked for the magic tricks by the world champion magicians.

To the awe of the audience, the performance began with Yasas appearing out of a box that was floating in the air. Then, Shawn thrilled the audience with the card trick he used to fool Penn and Teller, and a series of conjuring and vanishing acts. This included swallowing a balloon and making a handkerchief dance.

He also performed a card trick to the lyrics of the song, Queen of my heart , where he pulled out the card the song called out for, from a pack. At the end of the performance, he pulled an entire card pack from his mouth at which the audience burst into applause.
Then the event proceeded to the awarding of the Knight of Illusions challenge trophy to this year’s winner, Sumangala Silva. He went on to entertain the audience with the winning act, which included conjuring different coloured flowers from a plant, using magical movements to cut a card pack into pieces, conjuring balls out of thin air, levitating a glass and making it vanish, levitating a table, connecting and disconnecting metal rings and many more.

Then Hannibal took the stage with his comedy style act and performed the controversial masked man act, where he performed one of the oldest tricks in the industry; putting a rabbit in the box and making it disappear and then making it reappear out of another box. Then, He went on to unfold the secrets behind the act, and revealed a secret basket with two compartments and a mirror where the rabbit remained hidden. Hannibal also performed rope tricks assisted by a member of the audience he picked for the occasion.

Yasas performed a dance trick to a song, where they build a cardboard model of a car and then take a girl out from the car. Then, the stage yielded to Thommy and Amelie, who stunned the audience with her clairvoyant powers. Amelie remained blindfolded on stage while Thommy walked up to the audience and asked each one to hand over an item which he could hold in his hand. Amelie then named and described the item in his hand, its colour, provider, serial number, you name it. She successfully named an iphone, tissues, pills, bracelet, a twenty rupee bill from which she even read out the serial number. Thommy then held the hand of a member of the audience and Amelie accurately revealed his birthday and left the crowd gaping with delight.

The event came to conclusion with ‘Crystal Transposition’, a modified version of an act performed by the metamorphosist Harry Houdini. Yasas pulled off the act, where he was hand cuffed, tied and put inside a sack, placed in a transparent trunk and padlocked by another performer. This was then covered with a cloth. At the end of the act, Yasas was free and the assistant was trapped in the trunk, handcuffed.

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