Sonam Kapoor, who’s riding a high right now since the release of Neerja, recently spoke about the possibility of her doing a Hollywood film. Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been making news for their respective international projects, and now Sonam has opened up about whether Hollywood is something she would consider.

“I would like to take my projects to the West. I do not want to be the hot Indian girl there…I have worked very hard to the point where I could get to do a film like Neerja and be taken seriously. For me, conquering the world is not important. For me conquering and honing my craft is more important. It doesn’t matter what language I get to work in… I will make a decision based on the fact that there’s something that I can do in it.”

She further said that she would not like to start all over again, and will only do something if it holds a lot of weight – she wants a ‘strong, amazing’ character.
Miss Malini