Attempts to regulate school vans in view of curbing sexual abuse of students that occurs inside school vans has failed due to the lack of capacity, the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) remarked.

Deputy Chairman of the NCPA, Sajeeva Samaranayake said that ideally a Matron or a mature adult woman should at all times accompany the children when travelling in school vans.

They should also be made aware of the problem of sexual abuse in the context where such incidents occur in school vans, he added.

This matter in particular is pending a solution and a practical solution has to be found, he pointed out.

“The private vehicle (van) drivers association too was interested in solving this issue but nothing tangible has happened. The police can check to make sure the road worthiness of the vehicles and also road safety, but sexual abuse inside such vans cannot be monitored by the police”, he observed.