In the vicinity where the Sugathadasa Stadium and the Indoor Stadium are situated there is a drain broken and caved in covering upto half of the pavement. This has been so for so many months risking the life of not only the pedestrians but also of school children who mostly visit the stadiums for their sport purposes. A part of this high drain has no concrete covers and there is a possibility for someone to fall into it.

This normally clogged drain sometimes gets filled with rainwater creating more risk to human life. The death of a girl falling into a drain on a rainy day at Kandy comes to my mind. Should a matter like this be brought to the notice of the CMC by the public spending his or her time and money? There is a CMC District engineer in charge for this area and has he not ever seen this dangerous situation or has he seen but do not want to take action on it? Does not he go round to check the shortcomings in areas coming under his purview at least once a week despite of an official vehicle provided?

Normally there is none to check the negligence of the CMC workers and in such a situation who is there to check the negligence of the District Engineers?

All in the same boat and as somebody wrote changes at the top in CMC are necessary, especially because those on top do not have the courtesy of replying even registered letters sent to them.

Nazly Cassim – Colombo 13.

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