Huawei Sri Lanka revealed that the smartphone giant is set to introduce two high performing smartphones in Sri Lanka. According to local company sources, Huawei together with exclusive national distributor Singer Sri Lanka has ambitious plans to aggressively focus on the sales of these devices.

Furthermore Huawei revealed that the device looks to be a quality breakthrough in power and efficiency and a new flagship for young generation. According to the source the two devices sports Solid Design coupled with powerful performance and excellent camera features providing a truly simplified experienced to the user.

It is believed that there are two colour variables to the model, and most probably it would be Black and Gold in colour though little much is said officially at this time. Company sources from Huawei has revealed the device uses the advanced fingerprint ID, the smartphone unlocks in just 0.5 seconds, to not only reveal the screen, answer a call or silence an alarm but also provide instant access to the camera, enabling users to take a quick picture. The notifications can also be accessed using the fingerprint ID (slide down) or cleared (tap twice) to instantly see what needs attention, or not.

With the fast growing performance in global, Huawei is pursuing a consolidated product offering to ensuring every product is the best option for each market segment. Huawei experienced a record-breaking 2015 with 70% revenue increase year-over-year giving SEA a strong platform to grow. The company revenues exceeded 20 billion dollars in 2015, as Huawei shipped 108 million smartphones globally. Huawei is one of the world’s top three smartphone brand currently.