Sri Lanka’s inflation in January 2016 determined under the new National Consumer Price Index (NCPI) recorded a decline to -0.7% from 4.2% recorded in December 2015, on an year-on-year basis, the Department of Census and Statistics said on Tuesday.

The data was released by the Department on Tuesday. The NCPI for all items for the month of January 2016 decreased by 1.04% from 113.2 in the previous month to 112.0 in January. The decline was said to be due to the value change decrease of food items by 1.03 % and value change decrease of non‐food items by 0.02%.
The price decrease in several items including vegetables, green chilies, big onions, lime, potato, coconut, rice, red onion and milk powder had resulted in the value change decrease of food items in January.