MP Salinda Dissanayake will file a suit against Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake seeking Rs 50 million in damages for defamation for making false accusations.

Ramanayake has given many false details and information to the media about me allegedly obtaining a land belonging to the State illegally, then allegedly leasing it to the Lankaputhra Development Bank Limited, subsequently allegedly obtaining Rs 50 million from the Bank privately and then allegedly defaulting on the payment, Dissanayake said.

“This is a complete falsehood. I have never defaulted on a payment to a bank and neither do I have the desire to do so. Ramanayake is not behaving in a respectable manner befitting his status as a MP. He is acting like a madman. Having to reply to such allegations is shameful. He is a joker in the Parliament,” he added.

Ramanayake was not available for a comment.