The Vadamaradchi East Undergraduate Students Union along with civil societies in the Vadamaradchi East Divisional Secretariat Division will on February 26 jointly embark on a silent protest at Maruthankerny, Jaffna against a proposed large scale desalination project.

The protest will commence at 9 a.m.

Member of the Union, S. Sugitharan said that the proposed project to turn sea water into drinking water affected not only the coastal environment of the area but also the livelihoods of the people in the area whose way of life was based on fishing.

“The impact on the environment in this coastal area has not been taken into account. No consideration has been taken with regards to the eco-system and the fisher folk who depend on the Ocean and the marine resource for their livelihood. The Northern Provincial Council too has a rather ambivalent position concerning the issue. Some Provincial Councilors including Provincial Ministers support it while others oppose it. Chief Minister of the Northern Province, former Supreme Court Judge, Justice C.V. Vigneswaran too is not concerned about this,” he added.