A kitchen oil fire being extinguished with water mist

Alpha Fire Services (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka will showcase the Proano Kitchen Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems, which are rapid and effective on kitchen (F/K class) of fires, at the ‘Architect Exhibition’ being held at BMICH from 18th to 21st February.

Water Mist is nebulised fresh water distributed through a network of Proano’s specially designed Mist Nozzles under low pressure. Outlining the advantages of the Water Mist system, CEO of Alpha Fire Services Frank Anthony Ryde, who is also a member of the International Water Mist Association, NFPA USA, FPA UK, and The Institute of Fire Engineers UK said, “This system is known to suppress F/K class fires rapidly and bring the temperature down quickly. Furthermore the absence of additives in the systems guarantees no clean-up issues. Unlike traditional chemical systems, when a Water Mist Fire Suppression System is used there’s no need to disrupt or shut down operations which leads to little to no down-time.