From left: CEO/Coach Inward Bound International Ken Vijayakumar, Major Vijith Welikala, Director/Facilitator Yoga and Meditation Dr. Radha Reddy, Consultant Prof. Ganesh Rao, Consultant B.R.M Fernando and Facilitator Experiential Rechel Helnie George

Have you ever tried asking someone about your true potential? Why is it that, more often than not, your mind is conditioned to blind-spot the real picture? Even for a nanosecond have you wondered why the mind works the way it works, instead of the way it should ideally work?

The answer to this lies in the stereotyped way of thinking that often is the outcome of self-imposed barriers of title, hierarchical responsibilities, status quo and perceived limitations. It’s time to rip them apart.

Welcome to Inward Bound, an award-winning local enterprise with a global perspective. At Inward Bound, they believe that to unshackle your true potential it’s very important to break away from those self-imposed, mental blocks. Thus, unlike most of the outbound training programmes, its training programmes are tailor-made to help you introspect your soul, enrich your body and empower you mind.

Inward Bound’s activities are nature-based to help discover true self by challenging your limits. Our ‘Key Programme Elements’ focus on: Physical development by helping you to push your limits way beyond your own preconceived abilities and limitations. These activities don’t just build you confidence but also enable you to break out of the box and discover your true underlying potential.

“Our team consists of a mixture of senior retired service officers and management experts. They count long years of experience in operational, administrative and management and supervise our team of Instructors who have commando and Special Service backgrounds. In a nutshell, it’s all about freedom. Freedom to create, innovate and maximize individual, team and corporate potential,” the founder and Chairman of Inward Bound, Major Vijith Welikala said.

Welikala has built his many businesses on innovation, creativity and teamwork. Winning the entrepreneurship national gold medal and first ever Adventure Hotel Award qualifies him to lead his Super Team of trainers at our purpose-built proprietary, first-of-its-kind centres in Sri Lanka – Ella Jungle Resort and Thotupola Lakeside Resort.