St. Sylvester’s cricket squad

Despite having limited facilities St. Sylvester’s College Kandy has emerged as one of the top cricket playing schools in the central hills.  They have a playground which can be used only for training sessions. Earlier the Police ground served as their venue for matches and they played all their matches, including the big match on that ground. Today most of their games are played at Pallekelle Stadium.  But they hardly get an opportunity to practice and warm-up on a center wicket. Despite the lack of facilities the school has performed quite well.

After a 15-year-struggle the school was formed in 1940. But it was only in 1955 that St. Sylvester’s College made a modest beginning at cricket.    At this time they were doing well in football, boxing, basketball and hockey.  That was the year when the late M.E Marikar began playing club cricket without playing for the school.  He was the first to do from this school.

The pioneers to introduce this sport to St. Sylverster’s were POG of that time Rev. Fr. Dom George and their Rector Rev. Fr. D.P.  Vedkapatrtamnuy and late D.J.N.  Seneviratne who was the principal.

St. Sylvester (1)St. Sylvester’s plays its big match against Vidyartha College. Some of the players who were in the innaugural team were Tony Direckze (Captain, T. Sathyamurhti, H. Dias, T.G.N.M. Peries, N.  Ratnayake, Vernon Nanayakkara, V. Croos, U. Ariyachandra, I Hepenstoll, M. Dirckze, Y.W. Wanigasekara, R. Tily and U. de Silva.

The present outfit is studded with top class players. The squad includes few new comers.  They were coached by Roland Perera the man who guided this school to win the first ever league title in the 1990s. Half way this season he stepped down. His assistant Jaliya  Weerasinghe took  over coaching and is supported by MIC Palinda  de Silva. The latter is assisted by Hemanta  Ranasinghe. Assistant   Principal A.K.B. Dodanwela is the Sports Coordinator. The school’s Principal  T.R.S. Meethiyagoda gives a big hand for cricket. There is also the backing of the OBA headed by T.G. Thilakasiri.

The side is led by Malith Prematilake, who is a fine bat and has performed his role quite effectively.  His deputy is S. Tiron a cricketer  good in both batting and fielding. The school has two outright wins.

They have played against Anuradapura MMV, D.S. Senanyake College, Dharmaraja College, Nalanda College, Holy Cross College, St. Peter’s College and St. Thomas’ College during the third term of 2015.  In the first term matches in 2016 they played against President’s College, Dharmapala College, Joseph Vaz College,   Kingswood College and Mahanama College.  Today is the second day of their match against St. Sebastian’s College.  The big match against Vidyartha College is scheduled for March 11 and 12. They will also play a 50 overs encounter and a T20 match against their arch rivals.  The venue will be Pallekelle Stadium.

Their pool- Malith Prematilake (Captain), S. Tiron (Vice Captain), Manujaya Perera, Thenuka Liyanage, Thusitha Soysa, Avindu Hearth, Shashika Viraj, Nimasara Attaragalla, Lashann Buwaneeka, Viduranga Wickrmasinghe, Kavindu Munaweera, Lahiru Watagoda, Udara Yatawathura, Sidath Nugegoda, Muditha Hashan, Manjith Rajapakse, Gayashan Nihshanka, Vindo Yasiha, Manoharan Pavithran, Chandula Jayakodi,  Aman Ahamed,  Pasan Hettiarachchi, Tharisha Wickremarathne, Chandrabahu Hiroshan and Lahiru Bandara.