General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), Duminda Dissanayake said that no official statements had been made by its members in the opposition on forming a separate party, adding that steps had been taken to unite all SLFPers to fall in line with party principles.

Speaking to Nation, Dissanayake said that action would be taken against members of the party who had acted in violation of party principles, as decided by the SLFP Central Committee. However, he pointed out that none of the members who are in the opposition had made any statements pertaining to forming another party.

“Right now there is no split in the SLFP. What we have is differences of opinion. What we are trying to do is to unite all these people and make them fall in line with the party principles. What is important right now is to strengthen the party,” he said.
He also said that the current internal issue in the party had not caused any changes in the SLFP’s relationship with the United National Party (UNP). While agreeing that the internal issues would be advantageous to the UNP and other parties, he pointed out that the focus at the moment was to strengthen the SLFP. “Both parties in the National Government have the responsibilities of strengthening their respective political parties,” Dissanayake added.