Almost all national soccer players have played football on the streets of the country. But January 17 marked the first time when an Inter-university Street Football Championship took place. The championship took place at the Race Course Car Park and was named ‘Urban Legends 2016’.

The event attracted youth to celebrate the game with pure passion and freedom. It not only displayed the great individual skills of the players. Spectators too watched in large numbers and were amused by what they saw.

The event was hosted by Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT), Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE) with Sri Lanka Unites.

The day comprised of competitions like the Inter-University Street Football competition, outstanding Freestyle Battle, FIFA Gaming Competition along with entertainment events that attracted nearly 1500 spectators.

The National School of Business Management (NSBM) emerged winners of the Inter-University Street Football Tournament after beating ICBT in the final.

This event attracted 16 state and private university teams and was the highlight. Each team had seven members comprising five boys and two girls.

The Freestyle Battle was won by Niran Kanishka with Shanaka Prasad finishing as runner-up. This competition attracted 47 entries. Participants showed their skills in heading the ball and other tricks in a three minute match.

The FIFA Gaming tournament attracted 128 players. They were school and university students. The siblings Waleed Uwais and Musharaff Uwais emerged victorious while siblings Kushan Senanayake and Himesh Senanayake were placed second.

The vision of the organisers is to introduce street football as a mainstream sport in Sri Lanka.