A boy of six with an IQ as high as genius Einstein has become one of Mensa’s youngest members. Sherwyn Sarabi’s IQ is at least 160 – putting him in an elite group which also includes Stephen Hawking. He is studying for a GCSE in maths and has passed grade five piano. Mum Amanda, of Barnsley, South Yorks, said: “We work lots outside school as school is not enough for him.

“He wants to be taught and learn because otherwise he gets bored, and he used to misbehave when he wasn’t being challenged enough. Although maths is his favourite subject, he does well at everything he tries, like music– he’s passed his grade five in piano and grade three in violin already.”

Sherwyn said: “I’ve always loved maths. I like everything about it, especially algebra. It’s hard to explain why I can do it though, it just feels natural. I don’t remember doing the Mensa tests. But I felt really happy when I joined and grown-up too.”