It is that time of the year again when everywhere you look you see businesses from confectioners to lingerie brands and florists to you name it using every cliché in the book in order to trick gullible lovers into buying their stuff at Valentine’s and thereby defining the day with stuff like red roses, chocolates, gigantic stuffed animals and free bottle of bubble with every table booked for two.

However, before it all became an excuse for lovers to dress up and a reason to hold up a bank and make that ‘special someone’—as the merchandise refers to –  happy somehow, V-day was a day of religious significance on which Christians used to pray and remember a saint who was slain in the name of love. For those not too familiar with the story, Google is your friend.

Like Jesus isn’t the highlight of Xmas anymore, in the case of Valentine’s too the saint who died to keep lovers and their love alive is barely even spoken about.

On social media however, two types of people can be seen these days as those who celebrate the day and those who don’t because they think the concept of having one specific day to love their loved one differently or better is ‘lame’. Most in the latter category insist everyday is or at least should be a day of love.

Those who celebrate the day counter-argue that having a day like this at least once a year helps to rejuvenate relationships by looking back and reflecting upon whatever the good, bad and the ugly a couple may have had been through in the year bygoone – with or without each other. Besides if we can celebrate Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and every other day in between, why is celebrating love considered ‘illicit’?

Both arguments however seem to based in logic and reason, although they are to do with love. Ironic much?

Just like wedding anniversaries and birthdays and the logic behind celebrating numerous other ‘days’ dedicated to mothers, fathers, teachers and everybody else we care for and love, taking one day out of 365 day in the calendar and making it special for someone is a way to keeping relationships strong and alive because in today’s context where everyone is running a rat-race not just with others but also with self, finding the time to really make everyday a day of love is kind of impractical if one is to look at it realistically.

For any relationship to last, good communication is imperative. If the day remained a day to pray and talk with each other – or in other words if consumerism did not dictate the way in which it ought to be celebrated – a lot more would actually celebrate valentines than now. While some have no problem giving in and going with the flow, especially more mature audiences prefer to not even touch with a bargepole the current day valentine which is mostly about coupons and competitions, bargains and selfies!

Tip: If you’re in a relationship however, being on the same page with the one you love about Valentine’s Day is important. Don’t hesitate to make a little compromise if required because at the end of the day the other person’s happiness is more important, right? At least that’s what my grandmother says.