Latest investigations into the death threat  over a phone on Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has revealed that the caller had used a private phone number to issue death threats to the Speaker, highly placed police sources disclosed to Nation.

The Speaker was reportedly threatened with death if he failed to recognize the Joint Opposition in Parliament as an independent group, the Speaker told Parliament last Wednesday.

Speaker Jayasuriya told Nation that he met the Police on Friday to lodge his complaint as he was busy with parliamentary proceedings till late Thursday. He stressed the need to discipline legislators to adhere to democracy noting he would not tolerate hooliganism by parliamentarians from either side of the House. Police said they were now checking the phone details of the caller though it was a private number and if necessary, assistance from the CID would be sought on the matter.

All private numbers to parliamentarians and high defence officials are issued through the Ministry of Defence. The Speaker has also briefed his security contingent about the reported death threat on him.

Leader of the House, Minister Lakshman Kiriella told Nation that Parliament has requested the Police to speed up investigations to trace the culprit.