Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC, one of the nation’s largest and most successful diversified companies recently forayed into the education sector, offering a diverse range of training and development programmes for the corporate sector through its newly established Singer Business School.

A subsidiary of the Singer Group, the Singer Business School (SBS) leverages Singer’s heritage built over 164 years and its unmatched power as the No.1 brand for ten consecutive years.

The objective of SBS is to build upon the group’s existing resources as a proven entity, its knowledge base and expertise to provide a practical learning experience to participants.
“We know the art of developing people. As one of Sri Lanka’s great places to work, we have developed a reputation in training and developing people. Those who have joined at grassroots level, with proper training and development, have made great strides in our organization – some ending up as Directors. We have the resources to help challenge participants and grow themselves, their companies and institutions,” said Asoka Peiris, Group Chief Executive Officer, Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC.

SBS courses are uniquely structured and modern training programmes provide participants with relevant professional knowledge, creating and delivering high-involvement career-oriented courses that enhance their skill-sets. The course elements are also geared towards training and motivating Millennials.

The courses currently offered range from Corporate Etiquette, Train the Trainer, Negotiation Skills, and Decision Making. Extending its support towards a greener society, SBS also offers programmes on Carbon Footprint Calculations and Sustainable Development.

Additionally, SBS aims to provide an innovative, qualitative learning environment and management programmes geared towards executive development with a focus on the skills needed for greater management roles such as Outbound Training, Financial Management for Business Managers, etc.

Moreover, the programmes offered by SBS are designed and delivered by an eminent panel of both local and international trainers with experience across industry and academia.

“Our trainers have been with us conducting internal courses and their results prove they are the right people to provide optimal training,” said Koshitha Peramunugamage, Senior Manager, Human Resources Development, Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC.

SBS have the expertise to customize training programmes to suit medium scale organisations and even formulate training programmes based on prerequisites of Human Resource Departments of other organizations or even for institutions which do not have separate training departments.

Additionally, SBS training programmes uniquely offer participants the opportunity of continuing their engagement with the trainers even after the completion of the programme. “We believe in sustainable training. We have an online forum where participants of a particular programme can pose questions and receive advice from the trainer for a period of one year without any additional cost,” added Peramunugamage.