The report on the probe conducted by the Health Ministry on the kidney racket will be given to Interpol for further action on the issue, a Ministry spokesperson said last week
Speaking to Nation, Media Coordinator to the Ministry, Nipun Ekanayake said investigations were ongoing and the report would be given to the police and then to Interpol.

“As a Ministry, we can only carry out the initial research and investigations into the matter. However, we will hand over the report to the Police and then to the Interpol to take further action,” he said.

He however could not provide a time frame during which the report would be complete.

Six Sri Lankan doctors were accused of conducting 60 illegal kidney transplant operations since 2012. The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) earlier requested the Health Ministry to hand over the copy of the report.

However, Ekanayake said that the report would only be made public after it was handed over to the law enforcement authorities.

The GMOA said that three of the doctors had obtained the membership of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC), while one was a member of the GMOA itself.

The Health Ministry launched investigations into the issue after the Indian Police nabbed the kingpin behind the racket last month.