Exposed (originally titled Daughter of God) is a 2016 American thriller film, written and directed by Declan Dale. The film stars: Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves, Christopher McDonald, Big Daddy Kane, and Mira Sorvino.

A detective investigates the death of his partner who was found stabbed in a subway with a knife in his back. Scotty (Keanu Reeves) wished to dig deeper into the investigation for obvious reasons even though his partner Joey (Danny Hoch) wasn’t clean as a whistle. Scott starts digging deeper and tries questioning Joey’s snitches, people whom Joey associated with. The police department does not wish to get involved, claiming that Joey was a dirty cop, he raped women, stole from smugglers and also did a little hustling on the side. Joey’s wife with whom Scotty seems to be having some sort of on and off relationship, insults him as he is doing nothing to find the murderer who killed her husband.

Scotty has lost his partner after he had already lost his wife, and this mental instability has made him feel worthless and thus he prods harder at the people he thinks is responsible and are possible witnesses who know something about the homicide. Things start to go out of hand when the people who are questioned go missing or turn up dead, Jonathan Jones a local dealer is maimed since he seemed to have a motive as Scotty mentions. Jonathan did not like Joey, but he is sure that he did not kill him. We are brought to understand that Joey also sodomized a young Dominican kid and things about Joey keep revealing as the plot thickens.

Another story runs parallel to Scotty’s which is that of Isabel de La Cruz (Ana de Armas) who awaits the return of her hubby, a veteran off fighting for the country. She is also a kindergarten teacher who sees ghosts and presumes them to be angels guiding her. She is religious and believes solely in God and loves her family. Her family also loves her, but they do not understand her beliefs at times. One day she comes home and finds that she is pregnant and she claims that God had bestowed on her a miracle by which he has united her with her husband who at this point in the movie had died at war. The family does not believe in what she says, meaning they do not believe in her miracle and ask her to move out of their house. She believes that the miracle is genuine and is an act of God no matter what people think. She also shows affection to Elisa, a student in one of the classes she teaches.

Scotty wishes to bring in Isabel who he thinks would know something about the death of his partner as Scotty finds a picture of her and the other suspects. But he is afraid that if he does bring her in, she would also end up dead. The storyline twists a little when we find out about Isabel’s past and what she has actually done.

The movie is not your usual thriller so it is difficult to rant about it but I think Keanu Reeves could have done better by being an emotional officer than just being himself. After John Wick, expectations should be high, but I guess the genre in that was different to this. The director would have gone for thriller but the first few scenes in the movie makes one feel want to stop watching and yawn. Ana played one of the crazy girls in John Wick and she is cast with him again.

I think we finally have a movie where Keanu Reeves is actually old or is it just make up? The try-hard-to-be-interesting storyline does not do well even though presenting the ghost like angels do their best to create a thrilling effect. I frankly think Ana can do better movies. A movie where the director cut his nametag off.

If you do decide to watch it, then go ahead but do not expect it to be like John Wick or Knock Knock both of which had something to offer, something to look forward to. It begs the question, what has actually happened to the thrillers? I’m sure Keanu Reeves can do a much better job. So much for 2016 being a good movie year, well let’s hope Marvel doesn’t ruin it for us.