Sudesh Nandimal an eyewitness to the Welikada Prison riots in 2012, was threatened on the night of February 10 by a group comprised of four individuals, who cautioned him against raising a hue and cry about the incident which claimed the lives of 27 prisoners.

Nandimal who gave evidence to and testified before the Committee of Inquiry into the Prison Incident 2012 (C.I.P.I) led by retired High Court Judge Nimal Nambuwasam, who lives near the Moratuwa railway station, was met by the foursome when he was on the way home, Co-Convener of the Committee for Protecting the Rights of Prisoners and Chairman of the Organization to Protect the Human Rights of Prison Detainees, Attorney-at-Law Senaka Perera said.

He added that a complaint regarding the investigation had since been lodged at the Moratuwa Police.

“The foursome had threatened Nandimal by stating that the investigation and report into the matter had been swept under the carpet and therefore to not attempt to bring the matter to the fore any further as if Nandimal persisted he too would soon be six feet under,” Perera explained.

“I was staying at my elder sister’s place. At 8.30 p.m. I went to the closest junction in the Town to get a reload to my phone. I saw four individuals waiting. Three had caps on and the other did not. The one who did not was standing afar. After getting the reload, I was walking back home when they whistled and called me over. I went. They asked me whether I was Nandimal. I said yes. They told me ‘Machang, do not pull up the Welikada matter as if so some of our people will also have to go to prison.’ I retorted that this was a bloodbath I had witnessed and that I had no intention whatsoever of letting things slide by and that they could do whatever they wanted. They then said that if that was my position, they would deal with me accordingly,” Nandimal, who is also the Secretary of the committee, remarked.