The Siyane Water Protection Jana Neguma Movement will take legal action against the Government and the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) for inaction over the non-provision of water as per the standards of the Sri Lanka Standards Institute.

Convener of the Siyane Water Protection Jana Neguma Movement Pramitha Hettiarachchi said that a final decision regarding the matter would be taken by April this year.

When the case filed by the Movement and the Centre for Environmental Justice was taken up before the Court of Appeal on February 08, the CEA informed the Court through a report that the pH of the ground water in the Rathupaswala area was not within the permitted levels and therefore that the water was not suitable for drinking, he noted.

“We too agree with the CEA’s report. The water then may not be suitable for bathing and washing clothes either. We believe that the Venigros glove manufacturing factory is also responsible. If the CEA says that the contamination of the ground water in Rathupaswala was not a result of the activities of the Venigros factory which was located in the area, we will file legal action against the CEA for this too. Presently, the Government can take action. If the water in the area is not up to the expected standard, then what have the CEA been doing all this while?,” he queried.