The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has written to Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senaratne requesting that a copy of the report of the five member committee appointed to investigate the alleged kidney transplant racket operated through several private hospitals in Sri Lanka, be made available.

Secretary of the GMOA Dr. H.M. Nalinda P. Herath said that the Director General of Health Services when requested for a copy had stated that he had no authority to give out the report.

“Even the Health Ministry officials are referring to this as a kidney fraud. We do not know whether the report proves it. We cannot comment without seeing the report. Only an Indian newspaper and a Sri Lankan website have put out the details. If this is serious, the Indian Government must educate and inform the Sri Lankan Government and the investigations must be conducted accordingly. We are concerned. The Government has decided to withhold all kidney transplants involving foreigners. This is not good for the country. We are losing day by day. This should be sorted out immediately. We should not be attempting to buy or bide time,” he mentioned.

Meanwhile, Minister Dr. Senaratne has stated in the media that the Indian Government had not officially conveyed anything regarding the matter, even though weeks had passed since the controversy first arose, he added.