Havelocks SC have encountered a few problems in the past when hosting matches under floodlights (File photo)

Havelock SC experienced much embarrassment during last week’s Havies-Navy clash due to a faulty floodlights system, but the Park Club states that hosting this week’s match against CH&FC under broad daylight at 4pm has nothing to do with what happened the previous week.

SLRFU Executive Director Rohan Guneratne confirmed Havelock SC officials sending an email and a letter requesting the change of time for their match this week which received the rugby union’s approval immediately. Guneratne said he had not received any complaints regarding the failure of power at the Havies-Navy match which ended in a 20-all-draw.

Past President of Havelock SC Wimal Senanayake said that the club wanted to give its players the exposure of playing under natural light because the knockout stage matches of the inter-club rugby tournament won’t be played under floodlights.

Rugby fans were fuming when the lights system faulted time and again during the closely contested Havies-Navy clash. But the SLRFU seems to be of the opinion that playing matches under floodlights allows players to perform better and should be encouraged.
Guneratne said that ‘it’s fantastic to play under floodlights and added, “Spectators have the time to enjoy an extended nap and get to the venue on a holiday like Saturday”. He said the SLRFU was satisfied with the facilities that Havelock SC makes available at rugby matches. Havies have indicated to the SLRFU that they will resume hosting matches under floodlights from the second week of February.

Speculation is rife that a leading club in the hills is also considering hosting matches under floodlights in the future.